Price Policy

We set prices to reflect the level of services required and there are various plans for sole traders and companies. Plans can be adjusted for bespoke services such as extra book keeping work, VAT work and payroll.

We aim to be transparent about our pricing and will quote for fees upfront.

Price plans and the timing of clients joining and leaving us

Our work by it’s nature tends to be concentrated at certain times of the year. Our price plans are charged on a monthly basis but will take into account all the work required for the financial year including year-end accounts and tax returns.

Depending at what point during your financial year or cycle you join or leave us, there may be an extra fee required. If you are joining us when your accounts are immediately due, there will be an extra fee for for the catch up work required.

Again if you want to leave us and your accounts or other services have been completed promptly after your year-end or within a short time frame, there may be an extra fee charged to cover this. Extra fees will be charged if we judge the work done to date in the year has not been covered by the monthly plan at the time of leaving. These fees are charged at our discretion but we will always provide a full explanation of why we think they are justified.

In our experience however these catch-up fees are rarely charged.

The details of extra fees if relevant will be covered at the initial free meeting and these terms are also set out in the engagement letter.

Book keeping software

We include a Quick books subscription with some of our price plans. But we are very happy to work with clients if they have their own book keeping software, we will discuss the price plan and any adjustment required at the initial client meeting.

Free meeting

We will arrange free meetings with all potential business clients and quote a fee or a monthly plan price before the engagement starts.

The plan prices and fees are subject to review on an annual basis, but can be amended before then if circumstances or services provided change significantly once the engagement has started.

Bookkeeping Support

Bookkeeping support is defined as using our own book keeping software or a software package such as Quickbooks to maintain and update the accounts.

This work includes importing invoice and bank account schedules, posting expenses, posting payroll information, coding bank account transactions and posting year end journals. The work is usually done from our office using working papers provided by the client.

The price plans include a limited amount of book keeping work and support.  But if  accounts are complex or there are a high volume of transactions, then any extra time required over and above the standard amount normally included will be charged for separately.

The fee for extra book keeping support is normally £15 per hour. But as our capacity to provide extra bookkeeping services is limited, we may encourage you to find outside assistance or consider using a data entry service such as Receipt Bank. We would discuss this with you at the initial client meeting if this is relevant.