Privacy Policy

The basics

  • We keep all personal information confidential and don’t share it with other individuals or organisations.
  • We allow employees and contractors working for us to access personal information only as as is required to enable them to do their work.
  • We take all reasonable precautions to protect any personal data that our clients send to us. We cannot, however, be responsible for loss or misuse of personal data which is intercepted or otherwise accessed by unauthorised persons. We therefore exclude all liability for this.
  • We are committed to complying with EU and U.K. data protection laws to the extent that they apply to our use of personal information.
  • Clients and others that have sent us personal information¬† have the right to ask us for a copy of their personal data, and they have the right to request the amendment of deletion of their data.

Our website and the use of cookies

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Our website uses Google Analytics which relies on cookies to generate advanced visitor charts and data mining reports which helps to improve our website so it is more relevant for our users. Google Analytics collects anonymous information that will not be used to identify our website visitors.