Guidance on information and documents required to complete tax returns

Income information
  • Details of employment Income, (this is documented on P60 or P45 forms)
  • Redundancy income
  • Benefits income if taxable
  • Employment expenses such as mileage not claimed, or benefits such as a company car. (documented on P11d forms)
  • State pension
  • Private pensions (documented on P60’s)
  • Self employment accounts records
  • Bank interest received (don’t send details of ISA accounts as these are tax free)
  • Dividend Income (please exclude ISA accounts)
  • Property rental income and expenses
  • Income from trusts or estates
  • Income from foreign investments or earnings
  • Life policies
  • Royalties
  • Casual Income
  • Child benefit income (Required if a household member has income over £50k)


Tax relief details.

This is particularly relevant for higher tax payers and including this information can reduce the tax due significantly.

  • Pension contributions from earnings (paid after tax and NI)
  • Gift Aid Contributions
  • Mortgage or business loan interest for rental properties or business assets
  • Professional subscriptions
  • Uniform allowances
  • Other allowances and expenses allowable for specific job roles
  • EIS Investments


Other relevant information

  • Student loan details
  • Marriage allowance claim
  • Asset disposals (capital gains tax or loss calculation)