Company Services and Fees

We want to provide the support you need to enable you and your company to achieve your objectives. Some clients just require support for their compliance requirements. Others want far more support and direction to achieve their business goals, or life goals such as increasing the value of the business to pass on to family, to sell, or funding retirement plans.

The packages below are typical for most companies, but we can adjust the elements of each package to meet business need such as payroll for more staff, or more support with using bookkeeping software. We can add bespoke services such as CIS returns and P11D submissions.

Clients joining us with outstanding year-end accounts or corporation tax work will be charged an additional catch up fee for the work required.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements



For the business owner that just requires annual accounts and tax return submissions. We can also submit the annual confirmation statement to Companies House if required.

From £510 per year

  • Company Annual Accounts.
  • Corporation Tax Return
  • Advice on what expenses to claim.
  • Advice on profit extraction.
  • Submission of the confirmation statement to Companies House (If required).


For the freelancer, contractor, small family business, or start-up business.
We will provide you with all the services you require to enable you to maintain your accounting records, pay your directors and staff, meet your compliance deadlines and inform you of the corporation tax due. We will also provide ongoing support for queries that come up throughout the year. Fees are paid as a monthly subscription.
From £135 per month
  • Company Annual Accounts
  • Corporation tax calculations and returns.
  • A Quickbooks Subscription
  • Payroll for Directors and staff 
  • Secretarial support and confirmation statement.
  • Dividends advice and vouchers
  • Tax planning for profit extraction
  • Business support for routine accounts, and tax queries.
  • VAT return submission and support


The level of services required for larger or VAT-registered businesses that require more extensive support.
We will help you with your compliance requirements, keep on top of your records and update you annually on your financial position and what your next steps should be for the next financial year
This service package is suitable for businesses that may have one or more of the following characteristics;
  • Turnover over £120k,
  • A high volume of transactions.
  • A complex business structure.
  • Payroll with staff other than directors or family.
  • A complex VAT situation.
  • Other factors that require support.

From £240 per month

  • Annual Accounts
  • Corporation tax calculations and return 
  • VAT return submission and support.
  • A QuickBooks Subscription.
  • Company compliance support and confirmation statement.
  • Tax planning for profit extraction
  • Dividends advice and vouchers.
  • Payroll for directors and staff.
  • Business support for routine accounts, tax and bookkeeping queries
  • Ongoing support to discuss aspirations, goals and progress.

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