Company Services and Fees

The fees in the table below indicate the typical fees charged in a year, based on the level of support required for the average client. Some companies just want one or two services, many clients want the whole package.

The fees and services provided will be tailored to suit the circumstances of your particular company. Payroll services can also be be provided and book keeping software. New companies are charged based on predicted turnover, for their first year or so. 

More information of what is included for each service, is set out below the table. The fee is normally paid in monthly instalments and usually reviewed on an annual basis, but will also be reviewed if more services are added, or if circumstances suddenly change.

Please contact us for a bespoke quote.

T/O Accs & CT Accs support VAT Comp maint Personal Tax
To £50,000
£300 (If voluntary registration)
To £85,000
£300 (If voluntary registration)
To £150,000
To £200,000
To £300,000

Payroll Services

  • Director only payroll: £8 per month base cost + £4 per employee per month.
  • Standard payrolls: £16 per month base cost + £5 per employee per month.

Payroll is an add on service only, and not provided as a stand alone service.

CIS services and Benefit in Kind services can also be provided in addition to Payroll. Please contact us for a quote

Services provided - What is included


Company Financial Statements & Corporation Tax return.

This comprises of the formal financial statements and corporation tax return. These documents have to be completed on an annual basis normally. The financial statements have to be submitted to Companies House, and both documents have to be submitted to HMRC. This is a legal requirement, but may be the only service some companies require from an accountant, if they manage the other compliance work themselves.

The formal statements are completed using the data and transactions in the accounts. The work we do includes the following;

  • A review what is included in each account category in the book keeping records and accounts.
  • A check of bank and cash balances, 
  • Inclusion of assets, depreciation, stock, debtors and creditors balances
  • The posting of year end adjustments, and journals,
  • A final review of whether the amounts in the finalised accounts look reasonable.
  • Transferring the data to the financial statements, and adding relevant disclosures.

Once the accounts are finalised, The information from the financial statements is then used to calculate the corporation tax due, including allowances, reliefs and treatment of losses. the tax return is then finalised ready for approval.

If this is the only service you require from us, we will charge a fee at the time the work is completed, normally recurring annually. If other services are required the fee is charged on a monthly basis as a package with the other services.

Company Accounts Support

We will provide ongoing support through the year to assist with book keeping, maintaining accounts, advice on tax allowable expenses and other company related queries.

The fee for this support is set following a discussion or your requirements, as part of your annual services package. The normal level of ongoing support required for a client will inform the fee set for the following year. There is no further charge for emails, and telephone support during the year.

If circumstances change suddenly, such as rapid turnover growth for a business, the fee for the whole services package will be revised including the support fee.


This service covers VAT registration, the review of accounts on a quarterly basis, advice on VAT issues, notification of the VAT amounts due, and submission of the quarterly return. The current threshold for registration, is turnover of £85,000 on a rolling 12 month basis, but some businesses with turnover below the threshold will choose to be VAT registered voluntarily, because of their particular circumstances. Some businesses don’t have to register, because their trade is classed as VAT exempt.

Company Secretarial

This includes the ongoing maintenance of the company to comply with statutory requirements, it includes the annual return to Companies House, recording of dividends, changes in Director personal details, etc.

We don’t offer a registered office service, but we can direct you to external providers.

Personal Tax and Income planning

This covers advice for Director’s on personal income, and tax issues that relate to taking money from the company. We also will complete your personal tax return. The basic fee is £240 per director, but increases to £300 for higher rate tax payers. Married and cohabiting couples will receive a discount on two tax returns, please ask for details.

Additional complex tax issues such as foreign residency queries, or capital gains tax issues will be quoted for separately.

Book keeping subscription

QuickBooks subscriptions start from £12 per month. Please contact us for more information.

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