Business services for the Self-Employed

We provide a range of different services for the self-employed, trading ether as a Sole trader or through a Partnership structure.

Some businesses may only require year end accounts and tax work, others may require the whole package with ongoing business support.

Most services we provide are priced according to the size of the business. The typical fees charged are set out in the table below. More details on what is included in each service provision, is set out in the section below the table. We also provide a payroll service.

Fees for year end work are charged on an annual basis, but if ongoing support through the year is required, for book keeping, QuickBooks, VAT work, or payroll then the fees are charged monthly.

Please contact us to get a bespoke quote for your business

T/O Accounts Bus Support Tax VAT
To £10,000
To £25,000
To £50,000
£300 (If voluntary registration)
To £85,000
£300 (If voluntary registration)
To £150,000
To £200,000
To £300,000


Base Cost: £16 per month

Each employee: £5 per month.

We can also assist with CIS and Benefit in kind returns.


The accounts work includes;

  • finalising the accounts from your book keeping records,
  • posting year end journals, 
  • Reconciling cash and bank balances
  • Reviewing stock, debtors, creditors balances
  • Drafting the formal accounts for approval.
  • A final check of the numbers.
We will also provide advice at the time we complete the accounts on book keeping issues, expenses that can be claimed, and any other factors relevant to the accounts. 

Business Support

This service covers ongoing telephone, email, and book keeping support through the year for full time businesses, (not just at accounts completion time). We will assist with book keeping queries, advise on accounts issues, advise on expenses that can be claimed, and assistance with other business tax issues that crop up through the year. 

The fee will vary according to the amount of support required. Businesses with a high volume of transactions, finance loans, hp agreements, poor records, fixed assets, or just need a high level of support will face higher fees for this service. Usually included as part of a monthly plan with other services.

Tax support and your self assessment tax return

We will advise you on your personal tax and prepare your tax return. The finalised accounts figures will be imported into your tax return. We will look at treatment of losses,  capital allowances. and advise other personal tax issues relevant to income tax and your business.

We calculate the tax due and inform you of the amount and payment dates. 

We can be appointed as your agent to speak to HR on your behalf.

Basic rate tax returns are £204, The fee for taxpayers on higher rate tax is £300.

Other tax queries or issues  that arise such as capital gains tax, or extra sections in the tax return, will be quoted for and charged for separately on case by case basis.

Partnership tax returns start from £120 in addition to the personal tax return fees.


Businesses with turnover below the VAT threshold don’t have to register for VAT, but may choose to do so voluntarily. The turnover threshold is currently £85,000, based on the latest rolling 12 month period.

The VAT service includes, assistance with registration, a quarterly review of the accounts, advice on VAT issues, a review of the VAT return, notification of amount due, and submission of the return to HMRC.

QuickBooks Service

We can provide a Quick books subscription as part of your services package. Prices start from £8 per month. Please contact us for more information. If suport is required with using Quickbooks, this will be included as part of our Business Support service.


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