The First Steps

We respond to all potential clients who contact us, and we will discuss with you your financial situation and business requirements. We will usually quote a fee or a monthly plan price before the engagement starts.

We will arrange to meet with new clients at the start of the engagement.  We will answer any further questions you may have about our services. We also have to view ID to comply with money laundering requirements.

We can arrange for the transfer of records, if you are moving to us from another accountant.

We offer an online client portal to all clients. We use the client portal for document exchange and approval. Documents are approved electronically.

Our Fees

Individual tax returns and sole traders with small or part time businesses are usually charged at the time their tax returns and accounts are completed. Fee payment is required before submission of tax returns to HMRC. Prices start from £204 for a personal tax return.

Businesses and companies with on going requirements through the year, such as payroll, VAT, or that require a book keeping subscription, will be billed on a monthly plan. 

Monthly Fee Plans

We set prices to reflect the level of services required and there are various monthly plans for sole traders and companies. Plans can be adjusted for services required such as extra book keeping work, VAT work and payroll.

Our aim is to charge a reasonable monthly fee to cover all our services we provide for a client. We will give each client all the support and advice they need and enable them to meet their compliance requirements. The fees are set at the outset, so there are no surprises. Bespoke, technical or other work outside of the services included in the plan will be quoted and charged for separately.

The plan prices and fees are subject to review on an annual basis, but we will review fees before then if circumstances change significantly or new services are added once the engagement has started. We will give advance notice of any price changes or increases.

Cancellation Policy

There is no penalty for leaving us, but we do require a notice period of at least one calendar month if on the monthly subscription plan, or 30 days for other clients, so that we can handover properly to you and pass information on to your new accountant if requested. 

A minimum of three months notice is required, from the accounts year end, on the monthly subscription plan if the year-end accounts work is in progress. Our monthly fees will cease with the end of the engagement.

QuickBooks Book keeping software

We include a Quick books subscription if required with all of our price plans. We are happy to advise on book keeping software or  to work with clients if they already have their own book keeping software, we will discuss the price plan and any adjustment required before quoting for our fees.

Joining us with a tight deadline?

You may have an important deadline you have to meet urgently.

If you have outstanding year-end work due, we will discuss and agree with you an additional fee at the start of the engagement, to cover the extra work required, to bring your records and accounts up to date, before your monthly plan starts.

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